Thursday, May 25, 2006

You Need Plenty Of Keyword Rich Posts To Make Money With Your Blog

Experienced Blogger/Writer Now Available To Supply Lots Of Posts At Dirt-Cheap Rates

I’m a very experienced blogger/writer who understands search engine optimization and the importance of number of search engine indexed pages in a blog. I’m now available to supply dozens of high quality 200-250 word posts/articles that are keyword rich for your blog at only $8.50cts per article/post. That means it will cost you only $170 to add a whooping 20 pages to your blog. Imagine the potential extra traffic and potential extra Adsense earnings you’ll get from this!! In fact you can start with a few pages and finance the whole thing from your steadily increasing revenue and income. I have writers under my supervision who help out so you can add 5,000 pages to your blog in the next 12 months if you want.

The writer accepts Paypal and other methods of receiving payment which means that no matter where you are in the world, you can use my services.

Do your research and you will quickly find out that the quickest way to higher Adsense earnings is more pages of quality keyword content. Incidentally this is the same short cut to better search engine rankings and hence traffic.

This is the reason why having access to a good blogger/writer who charges dirt cheap rates for quality keyword rich posts is so significant. Take advantage of it today.

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